Learn About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Electric Scooter

With the steady rise of fossil fuel prices, driving motorised vehicles is becoming increasingly expensive. In a crowded city, it’s worthwhile to look for alternatives that save you money when you commute around. You’ll hardly find anything better than the electric scooter. Like everything, they have advantages and disadvantages that must be weighted to make an informed purchase.

Starting by the advantages: 

Clean – By not emitting any CO2 particles into the atmosphere, you make a small but important contribution to lower air pollution in the city, the natural environment of this vehicle.

Tax incentives – Many governments offer tax incentives to e-vehicle buyers. It’s a reward for your environmental commitment and for helping your government save money on imported fossil fuels and associated infrastructures.

Silent – These vehicles manage to be completely harmless on the acoustic front. Noise pollution is a deeply neglected issue in crowded city centres. Among other thing, it can affect the structural integrity of certain constructions in ways that most people are not aware of. 

Cheap maintenance – Electric motorcycle engines don’t need a lot of maintenance. You only need to worry about consumables. E-scooters are significantly more economical to use than the gas powered counterparts. 

Start-up speed – Combustion engines normally require a time build up momentum. With an electric engine, you simply press a button to have full torque instantly available to you. 

Disadvantages of the electric scooter: 

More expensive – Although more economical in use, e-scooters require a higher initial investment. This deters buyers when long-term return is incognito.

Low autonomy – Current battery-powered technology remains autonomy’s quintessential bottleneck.

The electric scooter is, therefore, limited to the city. It’s inappropriate for long-distance travel.

Electric network – Electric grids remain undeveloped, needing a dramatic expansion to truly democratise the use of electric vehicles.